Emma Westecott

Feminism is as important as ever. The ongoing diversification of game culture in this second decade of the 21st century has seen the emergence of a ‘culture war’ in which online groups sustain abuse campaigns against historically marginalized individuals and groups.

Amidst this and other contemporary concerns it is possible to see a groundswell of a new generation of feminists rallying around the work at hand. As this activity grows it becomes increasingly important to acknowledge the schisms within the feminist movement itself. For all its successes feminism does fail individuals, groups, and classes of people whether intentionally or not, and real harm is often wrought on those most vulnerable. Shunning, factioning and ejection are just some examples of how communities can behave. A central part of building a sustainable coalition of feminist activity lies in building inclusive approaches to resolve conflict, reduce harm and to protect those at risk.

SYSTEM.FAILURE recognizes that these are systematic issues and is a research-led game jam invested in exploring, through game design, failure in the context of contemporary feminism. Participants will look at how games can model the harm we inflict on one another in order to understand the dynamics of these situations and their consequences, with the intention to develop new strategies for healing.