Emma Westecott

IN SITU: Approaches to building diversity in game development is a research project examining the opportunities around and impact of internal and external efforts aimed at creating a diverse and inclusive work culture for people who identify as women working in the game development industry.

This ongoing research collaboration has been designed to feed into and support a diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) initiative organized around internal task forces being rolled out at a major game studio in Toronto. Research insights from an environmental scan and ethnographic interviews provide context and inform the development of the DIB task forces and programmatic initiatives at the studio. Future work will evaluate the efficacy and impact of the task force programs through ongoing developmental evaluation. The collaborative nature of this research is central to it’s goals, partnerships of this nature are essential to build sustainable bottom-up DIB  initiatives that are well informed, understood and embedded within existing corporate structures, practices and people.

Westecott, E., Stein, S., Hsu, C., & Rahman, K. (2019). ‘In Situ: Researching corporate diversity initiatives with game developers’ in DiGRA 2019 – Proceedings of the 2019 DiGRA International Conference: Game, Play and the Emerging Ludo-Mix. Kyoto, Japan. August 2019. (Lead Author)


Book Chapters

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Selected Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals 

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Speaking in Public: What Women Say about Working in the Video Game Industry, by Suzanne de Castell, Karen Skardzius