Game Curious Montreal is a 6 week program aimed at improving game literacy skills for people who are curious about videogames, but don’t necessarily identify as gamers. The program will be run by the Mount Royal Game Society (MRGS), a volunteer-run, non-profit organization aimed at promoting safer spaces and anti-oppressive practices in games. The first iteration of Game Curious Montreal will be geared primarily towards adults. Each session will focus on a different theme, ranging from games in education to online games to games about personal experiences and storytelling. During the first half of each session participants will have a chance to try a wide variety of different games related to the theme, while the second half will explore the issues and questions raised by participants through their interactions with the games and with one another. Introductory workshops on game-making and basic programming and computer skills will also be offered.Investigators:

Carolyn jong

Sagan Yee

Hand Eye Society