Groups around the world look to Dames Making Games for a sustainable model for encouraging diverse participation in videogame culture and game-making. And now, with several arts councils and public funders including videogame works in media arts programs, intense media focus, and interest from large and small game studios in supporting community-based learning spaces, we face the challenge of rapid growth of the organization and in interest in replicating the initiative in other cultural and geographic contexts. DMG is unable to keep up with demand for consulting and advice on starting feminist gamemaking groups, and most new organizers are unable to pay for support.

To address this challenge, DMG’s Community Development and Operational Toolkit for Feminist Gamemaking Collectives and Groups project aims to extract, abstract, and apply the community-development knowledge and skills stored within the membership, leadership, history and allies of this groundbreaking feminist videogame arts collective; it also seeks to create a space and method for knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst organizers and volunteers involved in other initiatives.


Izzie Colpits- Campbell

Jennie Faber

Dames Making Games