ReFiG has launched and is in its 2nd year. Dedicated to supporting work that promotes diversity, inclusion and equity in games across the sectors of formal education, informal learning, the game industry and games/cultures, we invite paper proposals for presentation at our conference to be held at Concordia University in Montreal from October 27-29, 2016.

We invite proposals that address the above areas, and/or that focus on feminist methodologies for studying games and communities, or propose new directions, new theories and new forms of meaning making. Thematic areas may include but are not limited to:

Analysis of player communities, diversity and inclusion
Representational analysis of gender, race, ability, sexual orientation in games
Examinations of marketing practices
Descriptions of demographics or player behaviours

Game industry
Reports from embedded research in industry establishments
Reviews of inclusion and diversity policies at games studios and/or affiliated online communities
Policy development for inclusive practices in the industry
Feminist game post-mortems

Informal learning
Reflections on game design workshops
Descriptions of effective safer space policies for informal learning environments
Papers detailing the career pathways of former participants in informal learning initiatives
Participatory action research or embedded research reports from informal learning sites

Formal education
Post-mortems or reflections on game curriculum that addresses social justice issues
Discussions of effective recruitment practices for building more diverse games classrooms
Reviews of post-secondary games programs

Deadline for proposals is August 15, 2016.
Notifications will be sent by September 8, 2016.

Online applications forms are available. You will need to provide the following information:
Paper title
Name of author(s)
Institutional affiliation (if applicable)
Abstract (300 words)
Contact email

If you have any questions, please get in touch: refiggames [at] gmail [dot] com.