International Women’s Day Event With Little Dada

On International Women’s Day, an event called “A Lab Of One’s Own” was run by Little Dada in collaboration with ReFIG. It was a technology workshop and conversation. The event celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. The evening consisted of a creative electronics experiment using Arduinos and a short series of talks. The Little Dada duo along with Pearl Chen started this event off with an idea-making session. The ideas were created by asking the groups thought-provoking questions. The participants then put up their sticky notes consisting of ideas on a board and each group got to choose one idea that the other groups put up so that they can make a project out of the idea. Each group came up with a wide assortment of ideas.

moreideas     ideas     crowd

Following this we opened the Arduinos and played around with it for a bit. There were many different LEDs and buttons to connect to the Arduino. At the end of the activity, some of the groups had a small prototype ready. Emma Westecott started off the intro to talks by talking about exploring women in tech. Ashley Jane Lewis then talked about progress of women in tech. She further explained that there should be more minorities and ways to have a larger minority base. She also stated ways to not push them away. She will be having an event in June to discuss and brainstorm more about it. Sagan Yee talked about game creation and how she got into game development. She has planned to launch Tiny Arcade for the Hand Eye Society. Nadine Lessio talked about programming. She explained how to learn programming and how in order to be successful in it, you need to have a set goal and know what you want to achieve by the end of the day. Elena Yunosov talked about funding and how important it is to have a community in technology, especially for women.

On March 31st, Little Dada will have their Make Friends Monthly social event. This summer, they will be running their conference event called Make Change. Ashley Jane Lewis said that she will be having a brainstorm session on how to include minorities in maker spaces. Elaine Wong made an announcement for an event about Robotics using Python on the Raspberry Pi where they will be making automated gumball dispensers with Get Your Bot On! and Women Who Code Toronto.