The Feminist Mix Tape Game Jam is a two-day event in collaboration with the UK’s XX+ Jam and supported by ReFiG. This jam invites women, trans persons, non-binary folk and allies to participate. The feminist focus asks participants to create a game in response to a piece of music from our feminist playlist (the browser version is a bit quirky but works fine if opened in the free Spotify App). The interpretation can be literal, figurative, abstract, based on a single lyric, the artwork or music video associated with the song, or concerned with the artist themselves. The game for is also flexible: digital or analogue, it’s up to you.

Date & Time: Friday October 14 6-10pm & Saturday October 15 10am-6pm.
Location: OCAD, 230 Richmond Street W (3rd Floor Lab).

To apply please send an email with “Feminist Mix Tape” in the subject line to refiggames@gmail.com and include 1) your name, 2) 2 lines about why you want to participate, 3) if you have any dietary requirements, need child care, or accommodations for disabilities.

Care ethics at our jam: We have a safer space policy in place. You can find out more details here.

We also strive to be a ‘healthy’ jam, providing nutritional catering to suit a variety of dietary requirements and give participants energy for the duration. Quiet/relaxation spaces are provided to give jammers a rest from their screens. Childcare will be available if requested. We make the jam theme available in advance so that you can think about or plan your game in advance, so that you can dedicate your jam time to execution. There is also no emphasis on completion. We promote process over outcome in an attempt to reduce the pressure that can come with traditional jam situation.

If you have any complaints or concerns during the jam you can speak to one of our coordinators who will be identified at the start.

A small honoraria will be offered to each participant.

Jam well, jammers.