Emily Flynn-Jones

Introducing Refig Radio!

We are the official podcast for Refiguring Innovation in Games, also known as ReFiG, a multi-year project committed to promoting diversity and equity in the games industry. In each of our 13 episodes we introduce you to the fascinating people within the ReFig network who are studying, critiquing, challenging, and deconstructing the video games industry. […]


We are seeking participants for an educational research project. This project aims to provide training opportunities for those interested in learning new computer skills by making games. We are interested in: 1) what types of computer science concepts can be learned by making games; 2) if games can be a mode of expression; 3) if […]

Gender Summit 11

By Karen In the opening ceremony of Gender Summit 11 (North America), B. Mario Pinto, the president of NSERC told us that throughout the conference we would broaden our understanding of diversity. Scientists and those of us invested in diversity, he said, need to fully embrace creativity in their thinking and to fully consider the […]

Identity Innovation: Video Games beyond Video Games

Daniel Harley   In Ottawa, the official Canada logo is everywhere: “Canada,” with the Canadian flag over the ‘a.’ It’s on government buildings, it’s on signs, on the train that rolled me into town. I’m seeing it enough to finally realize that it is on purpose. Canada’s Federal Identity Program: a brand. I’m attending a […]

Monday Night Seminar: Automating Injustice

Sarah Sharma The “Monday Night Seminar” carries on the tradition of Marshall McLuhan’s public seminars at the University of Toronto. All seminars take place from 6 – 8pm within the same intimate Coach House setting where McLuhan once held court. In this up-close and personal environment, a range of thinkers – academics, activists, scientists, artists, […]


The proposition of a feminist war game is a potentially uneasy one. War is traditionally the arena of men and hyper masculinity while women, LGBTQIA+ persons and people of colour are most often marginalized and victimized by war. Critical questions could be raised about the relationship between masculine systems and violence, questions that could be […]

ReFiG Call for Project Proposals 2016

ReFiG is now in its sophomore year. Dedicated to supporting work that promotes diversity, inclusion and equity in games across the sectors of formal education, informal learning, the game industry and games/cultures, we invite applications for project funding. Projects may involve the development of games, the provision of skills relevant to game making or community-focused […]


Our annual conference is rapidly approaching. The conference is taking place at Concordia University in Montreal on October 28th & 29th with workshops and a social on the 27th. Check out our schedule refig-2016-speaker-schedule-final and register for our workshops and keynotes refig-workshops-2016_10-14.