Our third annual conference will take place in Edmonton at the
Varscona Hotel on October 11 & 12, 2017.

Event Registration

Sarah Sharma keynote address – Oct 11, 4:30pm
Battle of the sExits
This talk highlights my new research on “the sExit” – the gendered politics of exit. I explore how the patriarchal penchant for exit makes difficult the possibilities for a feminist post-gender future. In conversation with reFig I want to highlight how techno-feminism might respond to the tense relationship between care and exit as it is manifest in our machines.

Boardgame night – Oct 11, 6:30pm

Industry Panel: Why I Love Working in the Games Industry – Oct 12, 9:00am

More events to be announced SOON!

Paper submissions:

Work in process: 3-4 pages due October 1. Email submissions to refiggames@gmail.com
Full papers: 6-8 pages due October 1. Email submissions to refiggames@gmail.com

There are no formatting guidelines. These papers will be assigned reviewers within the ReFiG network to help you get the best feedback, more then is possible in a standard Q&A session.

Updated Conference Schedule

2017 Conference Schedule Oct 11

See you in October!

Team ReFiG